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By HennaceTheMenace
#27668 Hi Everyone,

For those who want to integrate their esp devices to the tasker app on android phones (at least on the local net so far), CytronTechnologies put out an arduino sketch on github for a simple esp io control via http get requests it is located here: ... iFi-Module

This can be immediately adopted to tasker with the net command HTTP GET. Simply pull up the local site in any browser and look at what is in your url bar after clicking a particular button, that is what you put into the server slot in the tasker http get. Every time that task or action is called that "button" will be "pressed" without ever pulling up the site. This is the quickest/easiest method i have found for this sort of integration and it should be able to be expanded to more pins. I am hoping to leverage some of the scripts from Proteus's web config sketches and Ridge's Irrigation sketches to bring more features to it like graphs and sliders for adc and pwm.

Maybe you have already seen this, maybe this is painfully simple for you, maybe not, all I know is it helped me alot.