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By sistemasorp
#2236 Hi

As a begginer in this world, I have read a lot of threads to understand the compiling of ESP8266 firmware. Here I write my own conclusions:

Compiling AT:
-Create a folder and copy sdk ( ) and AT ( ) inside.
-Install Oracle Virtualbox in your system.
-Download the virtualbox lubuntu image from ... sp=sharing and double click the ovt file, this will import the virtual machine into your virtualbox.
-Edit shared folders and change the path to the one in first point.
-Run the virtual machine.
-Follow the steps on next video:
(password for sudo/root is espressif)

Updating firmware
-You need a usb2serial dongle that works with 3v3 levels.
-To enter in programming mode, wire wi07c as:

-Follow the steps on next video:
(You can download the tool to upload firmware from: )

If you want a finished result, you can download the bin firmware files from ... v9aVa?dl=0