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By aterentiev
#3018 As I can see on this picture, the reset pin is not connected directly to any of the module pads. But there are two small smd pads near to VCC and GPIO9 (ping 8-9 of the module). The reset pin is the left one. It looks like if the pads are connected together (like a jumper wire) the reset pin of the IC will be connected to GPIO16. So if GPIO16 is not used and tri-state, reset will be on its place.
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By martinayotte
#3020 I'm a bit stupid : while searching the reset pins and expecting reboot seen in my picocom, my USB-TTL was not connected to my ESP-03, but to my ESP-01 ... :(
The GPIO16 is in fact the Reset ! :lol:
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By martinayotte
aterentiev wrote:Good news martinayotte!

Could you please check if the jumper near to VCC (or is it a smd resistor?) is connected on your board?

Do you means those pads ? they are there but empty, no short, no resistor soldered ...
(If your questions are related to system_deep_sleep function() testing, I don't have much time these days, but I will try later)