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By PiKaLeX
#43270 Hi! :)

I'm new to the IoT world and very eager to learn about it with the ESP8266! I have recently acquired a ESP-12E v2 board with the NodeMCU Firmware.

I am interested in sending an e-mail when an digital input is toggled. I think this code would be nice to use since you have made it worked already. I could adjust and comment back if I have any comments.

I tried to compile this module and i get many errors "invalid conversion" from void* to espconn* per example at line when the function "espcon_regist_sentcb" is called. It also written [-fpermissive] at the end of the console line. Do someone know if I should use this flag in order to get ride of this error and continue to compile or it really is an error to to this type of conversion?

I'm using "PlateformIO" to compile with the nodemcuv2 board package. I assume the same SDK is used as the one you've used to compile.
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By Pieter2
#43860 Hello Tito and PiKaLeX, others,

I'am struggling with the same compiling error: " invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'const char*' [-fpermissive]".
Great Tito, sharing your work. I am glad all you guys help us in learning by providing these pieces and results of hard work.
Still, facing these errors are frustrating moments in my learning curve. I will keep searching, but didn't find comprehensive clues yet. So for now I am completely lost. And don't know where to start solving the coding or the [-fpermissive] flag.

I work with the Arduino IDE. These are my first explorations in this C coding world. And I know I've to dive in it...
Any suggestions are more then welcome...
Thnx anyway...
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By Pieter2
#43898 Update...C is tough...
While still searching to understand the issues mentioned before, because I encounter them more often, I discovered a way to send emails. Described in this topic: Credits to Erni and the guys who contribute to the Arduino IDE. So the urge to send emails is solved now... but still tons to learn.

tnx to everybody who make my hours of wrestling and building with the ESp's so much fun in the end.