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By ssekim
#35470 Hello

I wanted to implement a ethernet interface in ESP8266 module.

Just in time, Espressif released open-source-lwIP as below.

So, for just test reason, I implemented ethernet packet handling code using ESP8266 as above.

With this test, I'm sure that many projects with ESP8266 and ethernet are possible.

Ethernet to WiFi (Ethernet to 802.11 converter)
Dual NIC Application(WiFi and Ethernet)
And, I think that WIZnet's W5500 is a best choice for the ESP8266's ethernet interface.

Please refer to my test result and source codes as below.


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By Matthew
#37509 Very interesting! Thank you for the post!

I am very interested in this, for a Ethernet to WiFi Bridge application using ESP8266. It is very exciting to see Espressif has released lwIP support!

May I ask a few questions?

1. (This is very general question) Can you estimate how many simultaneous WiFi-to-Ethernet sockets/connections would be possible with ESP8266?

2. Sorry if I am missing it, but in your source-code I do not see where you interface (read/write) to the ESP8266 WiFi? Of course for basic operation of WiFi-to-Ethernet bridge, we must read data from WiFi interface and write to Ethernet interface, then read data from Ethernet interface and write to WiFi interface, for each of the N sockets.

3. In my application, I would probably use separate MCU which has it's own internal Ethernet interface (instead of WIZnet part, although that is a good suggestion), so I suppose SPI interface from ESP8266 to external MCU would be a good choice to transfer data?

Thank you again for the useful post! I appreciate any reply you can offer.