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By l0ur3nz0
#5016 Hi ,

This as been discussed here before in other topics, but since each day we have news on this amazing chip, what are the odds that someone can come up with some sort of mesh network using these things?

This could change the face of, well, everything!

At least around home I can see lots uses.

Any thoughts on this?
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By uhrheber
#5045 I think that the ESP8266 modules are simply the wrong hardware for that.
They are meant to be used in an environment, where you have an existing WiFi network and mains supply.
A mesh network makes sense for battery powered or energy harvesting small nodes, that transmit only small amounts of data,
where no infrastructure exists.(e.g. outdoors).
For this you'd need energy efficient micros and low power rf, like Zigbee, or BTLE.
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By chandan2002x
#5046 I am able to create a bridge between clients. There are the features:

1. Upto 255 client can be connected with ESP (Not 5 as it is by default. Higher device, lower performance... 8-) )
2. One client can communicate to any other client with.
3. The ESP can simultaneously be connected to LAN/WLAN and can access other node (esp or PC etc). Any node (connected with ESP-AP) can communicate to any node in LAN (ESP-STA)
4. Multiple ESP can connect each other [As of now manual connection for the issue of default AP-IP of in progress]. After connection one node can communicate (as of now- simplex........need to implement the routing protocol) to any remote node.