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By clinkme
#5290 The esp8266 is in STATION mode and dhcp client off.
in user_init() I have the following code:
Code: Select allwifi_station_dhcpc_stop();
os_memset(&info, 0x0, sizeof(info));     
info.ip.addr =      ipaddr_addr("");
info.netmask.addr = ipaddr_addr(""); =      ipaddr_addr("");
wifi_set_ip_info(STATION_IF, &info);

After restart it successfully connects to the ap with given static ip-address, and
wifi_station_get_connect_status(); returns 5 (STATION_GOT_IP).

Then I restart my ap.
The esp8266 again successfully connects to the ap, begins to reply to the ping,
and I see it in ap's client list.
But wifi_station_get_connect_status(); always returns 3 (STATION_NO_AP_FOUND).

This bug is alive in both SDK 0.9.3, 0.9.4, and only with static ip-address.
When dhcp client is on, all work ok.
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By scargill
#5491 Espressif - re: BBS - I have the same thing - I have IMMENSE difficulty logging into your site - my "scargill" account exists but is not activated. Could you fix this?

Also - I have looked all over and cannot find binaries for the AT command set using the 0.9.4 SDK... can you help?