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By Sbraaa
#46044 Recently I bought the ai-thinker ESP12 wifi dev board but the iot app doesn't seems to run!
I removed the flash mode jumper then power on the board using some batteries.
THe power microled became red (not blue as shown in many picture found in internet) and the rgb leb became green.
My Nexus 5 with android 6.0.1 found a new ap: AI-THINKER 06D098. I choose it but no password is asked.. it just said that this ap has no internet connection (that could be right because the baord doesn't know which is my SSID and the relative pwd).
I have installed the Iot demo app 2.0 from android play store then I launch it.
I guess that now I could control the gpios, the rgb led, etc. but I can't! The app sometimes say "no valid answer received".
I've also tried to config the wifi connection from the app settings but nothing change... anyone could help me, please?
thank you in advance!
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By nobugz
#53791 Hello.

My board has EXACTLY the same behaviour:

  • Red power LED.
  • RGB LED faint green.
  • Can connect to AI-THINKER AP, but no asked for password.
  • Android app can not connect with the board.

The board is exactly like the one shown on this picture.


Did you find a solution? Anyone else can help?