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By gabryg29
#62638 Hi everyone,

My final goal is to control my Arduino via Internet.

The first step I accomplished was to control it using the same WiFi that it is connected to. I used AT commands and opened created a server on port 80, so I could sens data from a web browser.

Now I wanted to connect it from everywhere around the world, so I followed this tutorial in port forwarding: ... mment-3147

I have a very similar router as the one he uses: HUAWEI Mobile WiFi e5377
It enables virtual server, so I think port forwarding shouldn't be a problem.

I link for example port 333 to the static IP from the ESP8266 in the WiFi, and I create from the ESP a server in port 333. Now I should be able to access it from my public IP adress:port, so I used this web to check if the port was open:

It was not, and I'm stuck in this step, the port always looks to be closed and I'm not really sure about why.

Any ideas, suggestions or critics will be welcome.
Thanks in advance!
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By Luhan
#69698 I'm having a problem like this with my 8266 server. It works fine until I change the port address to something other than 80 or set up port forwarding.

Chrome (win7) fails.
Chrome (xp) works.
Chrome (android) fails.
Firefox (win7) loads page as text instead of html
Explorer (win7) works fine.