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By QuickFix
#70460 When you're programming "Manually", you might want to set the board from "NodeMCU" to "Generic 8266 module" in the Arduino IDE.
Personally I would prefer to use a generic module instead, so I would be certain the NodeMCU-hardware will not struggle against me. :?

You don't have to keep the flash button pressed by the way: just press and hold flash, press and release reset and release flash. ;)
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By littleoz2
#70524 Only reason i like the NodeMCU is because of all the power regulation stuff and if I was using it on a different project the Micro USB.

I did try the Generic ESP Module in the arduino IDE but no difference, worked fine using the USB to TTL device i've got but not using the HC-05.
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By icons
#71334 Have you been successful?

All you need to do is connect rx-tx, tx-rx (nodemcu-hco5), and ground from nodemcu to gpio 0, which is D3,
the press reset, and upload.


Connect rx-tx, tx-rx (nodemcu-hco5), Hold flash down, press and release reset, release flash & upload.

And of course connect Vcc on Hc05 to 5v on nodemcu or 3.3 also works. And connect ground too.