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By philbowles
Pablo2048 wrote:The EEPROM is 1 Flash sector actually, so life time (number of overwrite cycles) is the same as in SPIFFS. SPIFFS can never be faster than EEPROM access because EEPROM is simulated (mirrored) in RAM. SPIFFS can pretend better lifetime, but this is because of the wear leveling inside SPIFFS (so another slowdown comparing to EEPROM). EEPROM advantage over SPIFFS is that if you upload new SPIFFS content via IDE you get lost everything that you have saved in your sketch before - EEPROM content remains unchanged. Another advantage is security - if you store anything in SPIFFS there CAN be potential risk of getting passowrds for example via web interface. EEPROM is in this case more secure (but I still suggest to encipher passwords even in EEPROM...). I'm using EEPROM for configuration (SSID's, Passwords, device name, ...) and SPIFFS for the rest (web pages, logs, ...).

Thank you for this - I stand corrected.