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By dickorydock
#83816 I have an ESP8266 and an Uno connected. I'm using the Uno because a display I am using won't work with only the ESP8266, and I'm using the ESP8266 for WiFi connectivity. But I'd like to be able to remotely change some things about what the Uno is displaying. Is there a way to program the Uno OTA once the ESP8266 has been connected? As it currently stands, the ESP8266 RX/TX is connected to the main TX/RX of the Arduino Uno, slots 0 and 1. I have found a couple links:

2) ... esp8266%2F
3) ... -programs/

But even with those links, I still can't really figure out whether this is even possible on the Uno. For starters, I'd like to be able to upload "blink" to the Arduino Uno and use an OTA update to change the frequency of the blinks. Eventually I will do more complicated things :)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated - thank you!