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By schufti
#84647 if you are on linux then it might be true.
There are quite a number of people having problems on windows with the new python esptool.
I fought several times with 2.5.* rc's and stables, had problems with flashing and compiling old sketches, so finally came to the conclusion that most "enhancements" (not fixes - there are close to none) are not worth the trouble ...
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By btidey
#84652 Those results were on Windows 10 x64

Today I also did an upgrade to 2.7.0 and uploads are running fine.

The other thing worth checking if there are download problems is the reset method under tools. I use the NodeMCU method even with my raw ESP-12 modules which controls GPIO00 with DTR and uses RTS for reset. A lot of usb serial modules don't make RTS available but I bring that out separately on those nodules that don't have it natively.

One can troubleshoot upload problems by disconnecting or overriding DSR and RTS then manually putting into upload mode. If the upload then works then something is going wrong with the auto upload sequencing.