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By dnhkng
#1182 Now that the GCC compiler is being sorted out, is there any chance we could see it incorporated into an Arduino-like toolchain?

I had a look at the IoT code examples, and they look much harder to write than Arduino code. Also, the existing wealth of easy-to-use libraries make Arduino a great starting point for intermediate programmers (like me), who want to implement stuff in hardware with PWM's, analog inputs and connect to I2C stuff, but aren't up to scratch on the real low-level stuff. So, are the architectural differences between this chip and the Arduino Due minor enough that this could be a possibility? Or what about Micropython? A 32 bit, python-interpreting, Wifi enabled IoT device for $4 would be pretty neat... :D

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By alonewolfx2
#3550 This is very cool if it possible. Arduino have a lot of library for many things.
Actually arduino due have 32bit arm controller. Maybe due bootloader can be edited and worked.