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By martinayotte
#26838 It depends if it is ESP-12E first generation or second (distinguishable by corners, what another thread mentioned as "fake" and "not fake" )...
I've received second generation last week, and I noticed that it is blinking even if serial port was quiet : Yes, there is activity on GPIO2, my I2C Bus ...
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By TStef
DannyBoy wrote:I also have a problem with using the onboard LED on my ESP-12E module.
It does not work with GPIO1 (It works fine with other modules, including ESP-12, but not ESP-12E).

My ESP-12E has onboard led connected to GPIO2 thru internal 470 Ohm resistor.

Mine worked on pin 2 as well. However, HIGH turns the LED off while LOW turns it ON. Anybody know why?