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By Samighi11
Samighi11 wrote:Also there seems to be flash for .91 version.

The ones I got appear to have .91 flash and require 115200. Some new magic reset and ch_pd. it isn't clear on what to do with these

Thanks again.

I appear to have flash .91. and had success (80% of the time). the following changes were made

1) Serial is 115200 only
2) RST pin needs to be high on the newer models (as documented in the dragon elect)
3) setup voltage divider UnoR3 TX -> 1K -> ESP RX -> 2K -> GND

once these were done, I got the proper response

ESP8266 Demo
Module responded.
OK, Connected to WiFi.
> GET / HTTP/1.0


+IPD,295:HTTP/1.1 200 OK


# IP Address MAC Address Device Name
1 18:FE:34:99:20:77 <unknown>

here is the firmware version on my chip


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By SirGeorg
#707 OK, now it works for me too, I just did not wait enough for the server response

Now I will have to write an arduino library - anybody already working on that?
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By haxtormoogle
#712 Took me a few hours to get a good reply from google.
But it works :)

The timings in the original sketch are all wrong! The arduino does not properly pick up the OK some times and there is no check to see if the module is waiting or busy.


Got a full html return from google searching for "lol"

Built a proper test shield with 3.3v regulator and voltage divider.

had to pull up the enable pin with 3.3v
Firmware version
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