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By Frank Spina
#47847 I have a ESP 13, it only has two dips, it think when they are off the series port shuts down in the esp. When they are in it is connected to the Arduino serial.

Here is what I have. COnnected from PIN 2,3 on the arduino side of the board to TX,RX on the ESP side does not help. The board is working, it broad cast its own wifi ssid I can get on that and I can set it up to use my network. So its acting as a bridge of some sort. But I can't really get it to talk to the arduino. ... 94660.html
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By DonFL
#47850 The manual for that one looks like the rx/tx pins on the shield are wired to connect to pins 0 and 1 of the Uno. ... pter3.html

One thought would be to bend the rx and tx pins on the shield out a bit so they don't plug into the uno connector, and then in the sketch assign your soft serial pins to whatever you want to use (for example, 2 and 3), and then jumper your pins 1 and 2 on the shield to whatever pins you assign for softserial.

You'll notice they show it being used with an arduino mega, which has multiple hardware serial ports, so it would make life a lot easier than with an Uno.
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By electronovice
#50413 Hey! If you are complete novice in ESP stuff (like i am), than here is the way to connect ESP8266 to Arduino. I've got Arduino ESP8266 shield by "WangTongze" but it could be any other model (in "WangTongze" case i just bypassed the board and hooked up everything straight to ESP8266 module). It goes like this -

Arduino ESP
3.3V 3.3V

Then go to Arduino IDE, choose corresponding port and open serial monitor (Both NL &CR, 115200 baud rate) type any of the "AT" commands and you are good to go.
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By MasterWalkerShop
#65129 Hello.

I wrote two articles about this shield: ... a-arduino/

I put many details on the plate. I have done many researches and tests to write these articles.

It's in Portuguese because I'm from Brazil. (Use Google Translate)

I hope you can help everyone.