Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266
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By MikeyMoMo
#72154 I just found out (after looking and not finding it all day, I found it while looking for something else! Ain't it the way?!?!) that there is an ESP32 in a WeMos D1 Mini format. That's exactly what I needed to relieve my memory constraint and keep the physical layout I am using now with the triple backplane. It has double(?) the RAM of the 8266 and should keep me in memory for the rest of my project. HOORAY!

So that takes care of the memory problem, but I still have the compiler problem. I hope someone can tell me why it is blowing up and declaring my routine is not defined because when I add the routine back in, as I would like to do, it will kill me once again.

Half way there Mikey
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By jcmvbkbc
MikeyMoMo wrote:It is certainly not a missing declaration.

It is a missing declaration, specifically the line you're uncommenting (1136) is above the definition of the AppendAndSendHTML (at line 1289). In C++ you need a declaration or definition of function before its first use.

If you add the following line above the line 1136 (e.g. at line 343):
Code: Select allvoid AppendAndSendHTML(String HTML, bool initial = false, bool final = false);

and change line 1289 to this:
Code: Select allvoid AppendAndSendHTML(String HTML, bool initial, bool final)

you should be ok.