Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By sej7278
jcmvbkbc wrote:
sej7278 wrote:i woudn't bother with anything recommended by the wiki, its all dead info.

Says who?

well your instructions aren't bad (most of the new wiki is useless i find, the old one is better oddly enough) although a bit dated now - we don't need esptool, only esptool.py and we don't need patches for the sdk now as 094 and 095b1 don't require them. personally i don't like installing unprivileged user code in /opt (or uppercase, shiver!) and it just seems a bit too manual compared to the esp-open-sdk which does similar but all in a single make command.

we've just removed all that gen_misc.sh crap from nodemcu, its not found its way back upstream to AT yet though.
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By jas
#7206 Hi Guys,

Hope ur having a good day :)

.. the Makefile

Here is what the makefile looks like :


It's the same makefile that comes with the git package.

This makefile sits in


Since I have not had any training in "making" on Linux I am quite clueless as to where to begin so I can move around this "Nothing to be done for FORCE" error.

What I have been doing to get to here ..

Here is the command structure I have used.


Thanks :)

ps as an aside if anyone knows of a good u-tube video on C, GCC, knowing how the heck to choose which dependencies to install and likely / possible errors faced when making / compiling etc, i'd be interested. I did have a google and a search on u-tube and no obvious overview appeared (that wouldn't leave my head spannerd).
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By koliqi
...personally i don't like installing unprivileged user code in /opt

Agree with sej7278, i don't like installing code in /opt too.
Because of that created debian packages to install toolchain on standard debian location. If someone like this way instructions to install debian packages are here http://g-lab.ca/esp8266-debian-cross-tools-package/. Deinstalling is simple as

sudo apt-get remove --purge <package_name>

If you don't prefer to add PPA on your system, download sources xtensa-lx106_0ubuntu1ppa0ubuntu9.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/~germia/+archive/ ... /+packages and build on your machine. Credit for sources goes to jcmvbkbc, my work is only on creating debian packages. Compiling with cross tools on standard location is simple as:

make CROSS_COMPILE=xtensa-lx106-elf-

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By sej7278
#7235 nice work @koliqi ! making deb packages was my next thought too, now i can just grab your sources and try it on debian.

p.s. you only need the xt-* symlinks for the espressif firmware, nodemcu got fixed to use the xtensa tools on linux.