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#58676 If i try to flash my esp8266 with my compiled code i get this error:

esptool.py v1.2-dev
Running Cesanta flasher stub...
Flash params set to 0x0020
Writing 32768 @ 0x0...

Wrote 32768 bytes at 0x0 in 1.3 seconds (207.6 kbit/s)...
Writing 196608 @ 0x10000...

A fatal error occurred: Digest mismatch: expected DFB07FE0B38F55C01969D22B0BB6685A, got B6F4E923201163536AA358F1E6C8FAB3

Anyone here who has an idea how to fix this? Please help :cry:
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By coddingtonbear
#59119 I'm sure you've found the answer already, but for future readers: when I bumped into this problem I solved it by using shorter wires between my UART and the ESP8266. The problem appears to be caused, as you might expect given the error message, by signal integrity problems.
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#60454 I can confirm that. I had my cables extended to reach the USB port, but when I shortened them back, the write_flash went successful.