Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By mamalala
cnlohr wrote:If we're talking AT here, please do not add additional signals, but instead perhaps we should add an option for: Echo off, and/or poll incoming data. Being able to poll is much more convenient than using hard signals.

But please please please let's not make the "new" standard require additional signal wires.

I think you are misunderstanding things. This is not about the AT firmware. This is purely about uploading/downloading firmware and stuff from/to the chip (respectively the flash connected to it). To access the chip's flash stuff, one needs to handle the reset line and the GPIO0 line. To start up normally after reset, that is, to run whatever is uploaded, GPIO0 needs to be pulled high. To enter bootloader mode after reset, GPIO0 needs to be pulled low.

So, what i am going to do is to use the available signals of a serial port to control the reset and GPIO0 lines, so that my tool can set them as needed. Right now, if one wants to upload firmware, the GPIO0 has to be pulled low manually, then a reset issued manually, one firmware file uploaded, reset again, the other file uploaded, GPIO0 pulled high, and yet another reset done to start the just uploaded firmware.

As you can imagine that gets silly rather quickly, so iwant to automate that process.


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By jonsmirl
#755 So something like this with DTR and CTS should work?
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009T2 ... UTF8&psc=1
$6.69 on Amazon Prime, I have one.

What I don't have is an ESP8266 board with the programming pins, so far I have received three orders from different vendors and none have the programming pins hooked up. I have a second order coming from Dragon which assures me it has the programming pins.
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By tinhead
jonsmirl wrote:What I don't have is an ESP8266 board with the programming pins

this was actually the reason why i haven't bought one of these ESP-01, they useless fo anything else than uart<->wifi
On ESP-01 one can NOT use JTAG because MTDO is connected to GND (under the IC), one can NOT use it for SDIO/SPI
slave mode as well (again, due MTDO on GND which need to be high at boot).

I got ESP-04, wired the missing 2 extra GPIOs (luckily they not connected to VCC or GND), wired the ADC input,
wired pins for PD, JTAG and (when no JTAG used) 9 GPIOs. this is of course for testing and not any serious use.
As the MTDO is not connected to GND, i can use that board for every kind of supported configurations (yes, i have then
wire SPI and remove flash if using SPI slave, but that easy job). The only mod was to remove that 4k7 resistor which
is between XPD_DCDC/GPIO16 and RESET. Small switch for GPIO0 and RESET button and i', fine with it.
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By RichardS
#759 Very nice good work