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By wififofum
#790 OK I see the deep sleep system call. The data sheet mentions that WiFi connection information is stored in rtc memory. How does that affect us in user application vs normal powerup? Can we store anything else there from user application? Data sheet also mentions another sleep mode where hardware interrupts are active. Do we have access to this mode? I see gpio enable wakeup function. What about WMM power save settings? Data sheet mentions dynamic power management algorithms. Everything taken care of for us?

Hope we can also get header files for other ROM functions like crypto and hash.
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By fasmide
#2115 Ive also found this system_deep_sleep call and it works (it uses a lot less mA's), however im kind of stuck how to get it out of sleep again, if i try to sleep the thing 10 seconds, this is the output im getting:

Code: Select alldeep sleep 10s

 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:5, boot mode:(3,7)


I have no idea about how to get the thing continuing what it was doing - i kind of hoped it would do a reset and boot like it does when it powers on, but it never reaches my user_main function and it does not reconnect to the access point again.

Ive seen the IoT example using this call, but i cant figure out what they are doing to continue after the thing wakes up, one of there "confidential" sdk pdf'es mentions lots of system_ calls, but not the system_deep_sleep :/