Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266
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By GWizez
#70617 Hi every one. Programming teacher as refere me to DEV C++ so I don't need to buy a new computer, to have VS10, to code at home. Being a student, I aint rich so I can't buy computer yearly.

How ever, I've learn to code using Arduino than ESP stuff, but I've ever really touch C++ for a computer a computer. This being sayed, I speak Québécois by the way, Using DEV C++ is kinda nice, so I was woundering if there was any way I could use it to code for ESP8266/ESP32, without using the Arduino IDE. So if you have any experience to share, or just a good link to a How to, would be really great. :D

I'm kinda looking for possibles, and no "it's impossible". So, if you have the kindness to reply to this post, please keep that in mind ;)
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By Narfel
#71404 If Dev C++ is the only thing you can reliably run on your machine you can just use it and set up the external toolchain from expressif. If your machine is having trouble running the Arduino IDE though, i'm afraid nothing will do you any good, since it's lighter than Eclipse (or VS10 for that matter). You might want to check out Atom + Platform.io, but again that is nothing like Dev C++ in terms of system tax.