Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By SupDoc
#76681 I just downloaded some nice sketches, arduino_ms5xxx, for the series of pressure sensors from github, but they will only run on Arduino boards. Does anyone know if there is similar code for the ESP8266, or if it is a reasonable project to convert same to ESP8266?
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By rudy
#76683 Some libraries are written for specific hardware features that are only available on specific architectures. Since most early Arduino supported boards were based on similar AVR processors it wasn't a significant problem. If the library was written with proper hardware abstraction then there shouldn't be a problem. But don't assume that is the case.
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By theenggprojects
#76685 If you know programming a little then you can quite easily do that. Interfacing a sensor is not that difficult. Pressure sensor is an analog sensor so you just need to connect it with analog pin and then read the values of that pin. Now as you have the arduino code so you can get the syntax out of it and then design code for esp8266.
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