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By maverickchongo
#81479 Hi,

I am trying to get mqtt client working with a SSL but the connection to the boker is failing, is there any way to switch some debugging on the espconn API as I can't get enough information on why the connection is failing?

I couldn't find anything in the below manual:

https://www.espressif.com/sites/default ... ual_en.pdf

These are exactly the errors I am getting:

TCP: Connect to ip
Connecting with 2 way authentication
MQTT: HEAP size: 16696
MQTT: espconn_secure_set_size: 1
please start sntp first !
MQTT: espconn_secure_connect: 0
mprivate_key 260
certificate 2af
client handshake start.
client handshake failed
Error: invalid protocol message
TCP: Reconnect to
pm open,type:2 0

From the server I can see that the I get:

Hanshake failure (40)

Thanks in advance for any help