Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By malugu
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This is a simple motor drive board. The VDC310 voltage is normal at 340VDC (the AC input is about 235V). The output of the LNK304GN chip has been adjusted to less than about 15V. The R3 / R4 / R5 resistance value in the circuit diagram has been replaced. The brightness of the LED light is always small (15V output is very small), extreme processing, change the resistance of R4 to 1K, change R5 to 22K, R3 to adjust to about 18K, the output voltage can be adjusted to about 14V, but when connected to the motor, the 14V output voltage is instantly reduced to about 2V, The resistance value of R5 is generally a few K, not 22K. I have adjusted it for a few days. There should be no problem with the circuit. Is it a PCB drawing problem?
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By QuickFix
Pablo2048 wrote:so which compiler do you use? ... ;-)

Apart from that: I don't see any correlation to the ESP8266 whatsoever. :lol:

Oh wait, I see a PWM line... the ESP supports PWM: would that be it? :?