Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By cnlohr
#336 Unfortunately my boards don't have any GPIOs broken out (I think I have the first Electrodragon rev) When booting form the UART, I take it it requests the blocks and you provide them? I.e. connected to a 3.3v USB TTL UART and your software?

Once the folks over in the compiler group get their stuff going good, I think I know where a week of my life is going. Sadly, probably somewhere quite stupid since I'll probably want to use an AVR to feed the ESP its firmware.
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By reaper7
#927 @kongo - I have a question about using Your tool to upload bin files created via @mamalala Makefile from this thread:

Finally I got two bin files:
which I can upload properly to board via XTCOMM_UTILITY
after setting corresponding values inside Flash Image Download window -> Program Address Offset(hex):
0x00000 and next 0x40000

how upload these files via Your esptool.py instead XTCOMM?

it is possible to control from py file some uart pins like RTS/CTS to automate firmware uploading process: GPIO0 to LOW then RESET -> upload FIRST file -> RESET -> upload SECOND file ??
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By mamalala
reaper7 wrote:how upload these files via Your esptool.py instead XTCOMM?

./esptool.py write_flash 0x00000 0x00000.bin
./esptool.py write_flash 0x40000 0x40000.bin

It seems that after uploading the first one, no reset is needed, you can immediately upload the second one. The esptool.py will emit an error after each upload, but that can be ignored, as long as it goes up to 100% for the upload. Also, it seems that the chip will auto-start after uploading the second file. if you upload both files in that sequence, it will start the just uploaded stuff, even if it is still having the programming pin at GND.

If you are on Linux, you may have to execute those commands with sudo, in case you don't have permissions to access the serial device as a user. Oh, and of course you may need to specify what device to use to the script. It defaults to /dev/ttyUSB0


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By kongo
mamalala wrote:

Thanks Cris for answering :)

I've been busy lately (I have moved to Shenzhen to work on an IoT device, although not based on the ESP8266), so esptool haven't been receiving a lot of attention.
However, I have made some progress which I'll push to Github as soon as I have polished it a bit.