Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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alonewolfx2 wrote:It looks very good. Thank you again. I haven't one question. Is codecomplete feature working? (Like java in eclipse)

Yes, code completion works. You need to add the path C:\Espressif\ESP8266_SDK\include\ settings Paths and Symbols in Eclipse.

See the screenshot below

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By alonewolfx2
#4670 I tried examples but esphttpd can not make. here is the log. have you any idea?
Code: Select all17:00:22 **** Build of configuration Default for project esphttpd ****
mingw32-make.exe -f C:/Espressif/examples/esphttpd/Makefile all
CC user/httpd.c
CC user/heatshrink_decoder.c
CC user/cgiwifi.c
CC user/espfs.c
CC user/base64.c
user/base64.c: In function 'base64_decode':
user/base64.c:54:3: error: array subscript has type 'char' [-Werror=char-subscripts]
   if(isspace(in[ii])) continue;
cc1.exe: all warnings being treated as errors
mingw32-make.exe: *** [build/user/base64.o] Error 1
C:/Espressif/examples/esphttpd/Makefile:162: recipe for target 'build/user/base64.o' failed
and can you add espressif freertos iot example?