Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By pvvx
alonewolfx2 wrote:I changed SDK folder into the espressif/examples/esp_iot_rtos_sdk and it's working now.

For change folder name in install -> file: .project:
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By samehhady
pvvx wrote:Extract files ‘NodeLuaMake.zip’ – folder NodeLua
Files nodemcu - folder nodemcu-firmware-master
File->Import->General->Existing Project into Workspace->Next->Browse… folder NodeLua, Check ‘Copy projects into workspace’, Finish.
Select progect ‘NodeLua’ -> Import->File System->Next->From … nodemcu-firmware-master, Into folder: ‘nodelua’. Check all files, Uncheck ‘Makefile’ into right panel. Finish.

Thank you so much!, one little thing is that after compiling i only find 2 bins in the app/output folder while nodemcu mentioning 4 bins to be flashed
eagle.app.v6.flash.bin: 0x00000
eagle.app.v6.irom0text.bin: 0x10000
esp_init_data_default.bin: 0x7c000 ???
blank.bin: 0x7e000 ???

do i still need them?

thx again
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#5655 A new version of my build Espressif DevKit for Windows v1.0.4
The list of changes to the first page:

Update procedure:
1. Remove the version 1.0.3
2. Install the new version 1.0.4
ATTENTION!!! When you delete the old version will be removed entire directory C:\Espressif