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#65157 Beta version (v2.2.2) of Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP8266 is available.

Download v2.2.2 Beta on 24/04/2017

List of changes:
Code: Select allv2.2.2 (24.04.2017):
* Fixed gen_appbin.py and common_*.mk build script;
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By pop48m
#65866 I recently started with ESP8266 in Arduino IDE. Now, I would like to program it in C, and succesfully installed Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP8266. Everything was OK during installation. After starting Eclipse and choosing Hello world as first project, I obtain the following response for Make Target -> all
Code: Select all21:02:24 **** Build of configuration Default for project hello_world ****
mingw32-make.exe -f C:/Users/Pop/workspace/hello_world/Makefile all
C:/Users/Pop/workspace/hello_world/Makefile:2: ../settings.mk: No such file or directory
C:/Users/Pop/workspace/hello_world/Makefile:18: ../common_nonos.mk: No such file or directory
mingw32-make.exe: *** No rule to make target '../common_nonos.mk'.  Stop.

21:02:26 Build Finished (took 1s.230ms)

Any help? Thanks, Pop
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By itti
#66390 I am using an old version of the devkit and it works fine. I would like to experiment with the newest version so I renamed the c:\Espressif folder to c:\Espressif_
However when I try to run the installation of the newest devkit (Espressif-ESP8266-DevKit-v2.2.1-x86) I get the following message:
An old version of Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP8266 was detected. Do you want to uninstall it ?
If I click No the new devkit is not installed
How can I have both installed ?