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By LEDAero
#15963 I am on a Mac OS X system - 10.10.3 (Yosemite)

I installed the toolchain and tried a couple of compiles of other stuff.

Then I git cloned and followed the instructions in the README - including setting up heatshrink.

But when I went to make, I got this:
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By piperpilot
#18557 I tried this, and it seems to get past that error, now I get:

CC espfs/espfs.c
In file included from include/esp8266.h:17:0,
from espfs/espfs.c:23:
include/espmissingincludes.h:43:5: error: conflicting types for 'os_random'
int os_random();
In file included from include/esp8266.h:14:0,
from espfs/espfs.c:23:
/Volumes/esp-open-sdk/esp-open-sdk/sdk/include/osapi.h:45:15: note: previous declaration of 'os_random' was here
unsigned long os_random(void);
make: *** [build/espfs/espfs.o] Error 1

Any thoughts?