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By Tom_Neverwinter
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I see this;Image
obviously under powered.
same issue except for flashing??? it appears to work for flashing the firmware but not uploading.

again underpowered.

I am using a ftdi based programmer; Image

WIP wiring doc; ... sp=sharing
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By eriksl
#22825 For me it works, including programming (many times). Officially the FTDI can't deliver enough power (although it's a bit misty what exact amount of current the FTDI can deliver), but it seems to work.

If it doesn't work, first check if you have "bootstrapped" the device correctly (pull-up / pull-down of GPIO0, GPIO2 and GPIO15 (if it's available)).
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By twaymouth
#27679 My experience is that the ESP runs right on the current limit of the USB to serial adapters, depending on your wiring etc you may get away with it but are almost guaranteed to get instability at some point. The best bet is to either use an external power supply or use a 3.3V converter of some description and feed it from the 5V line on the USB to Serial converter. This way it is all still "Self Contained i.e. no external PSU" and you are getting the full current capability from the USB port.