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By Barnabybear
I also miss-read that as GPIO15 shorted to 0V, thanks for pointing that out, my befuddled brain was mistakenly assuming the lettering applied to the adjacent pads on the module, as well as the pins going to the outside world. It is obvious from the pictures below, this is not the case and makes perfect sense.

I fell for that to - sorry for any bad infomation as a result.
Looks like your on top of things now.
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By Timpanogos Slim
#35832 FYI, I recently bought a few of these white boards from this aliexpress vendor: ... 35958.html

Had a little trouble with the first one. Couldn't power up the esp-07 i attached.

Turns out all three resistors are 10k -- and the center one should be a jumper since the regulator position on the back side is empty.
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By spy king
#37901 I am trying to flash an esp-12 connected to this board using USB serial (CH340G) adapter with the Arduino IDE.

My connections are
Code: Select allUSB -> ESP-12 break out board

However, it would seem that the IDE is unable to put the board into bootloader mode, as Arduino throws up a
Code: Select allerror: espcomm_open failed

Nevermind, I need the proper pullup resistors on GPOO and RST.
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By dicamarques
#38595 After breaking my first esp12 (5V to ground...) i bought 2 ESP-12E. My first one had one of these boards, and i just wired it up and it worked, now the new ones dont work unless I short the hole next to the VCC with 3.3v, using the same wiring has the first one i got.

Any ideas why this happens?