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By Espradio01
martinayotte wrote:GPIO15 must stay pulled-down to GND even for normal execute startup.

Hi Martin

Yes indeed .. you are correct .. I will amend reply :-)

Thanks a million
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By SF2017CND
Espradio01 wrote:
SF2017CND wrote:When I connect this module to a PC running windows 7 it constantly connects and disconnects, on a mac it doe the same thing but eventually stays connected. I think it has to do with the default BAUD rate. Does anyone know how to change the baud rate of this model. I tried using the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE...but it doesnt work.

Hi .. can you be more specific re "connects and disconnects"

I encountered the same issue while programming it with arduino.. the issue arises after successful program (the end of the dots :-) ..oh boy i miss a programming complete message :-()
Anyway after programming just disconnect the GPIO 0 from ground. I'm using and FTDI USB to serial (clone) in windows 8.1
Hope that helps

Thank you..that is what I missed!