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By trackerj
to1140 wrote:Anyone tried using PIR to wake up ESP? Which pin did you use to do that? Thanks.

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By Shivarama
#63987 currently i am also working on the same project as u did back then can you lease provide me the code of esp+pir sensor...please it can help me a lot...
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By GeoNomad
#64009 I have made a pile of PIR triggered ESP8266 boards for various purposes and they are all done the same way.

The code is the same as my button, which simply pings a server when the board is turned on. It could go straight to IFTTT if desired.

The PIR is like this one from Amazon or from eBay, that will turn on any device 5V-24V up to 5A, so can easily connect a USB wallwart to a 5V powered ESP8266 board. They stay on about 30 seconds, which is plenty to make a connection.


That way, there is no need to use interrupts or have any fancy code on the ESP8266 and no power is being used except that needed for the PIR.

It has been ultra-reliable.

One has been operating for 2 years at my 96 year old mother-in-law's house, and tells us when she is in the kitchen so we know every day that she is up and active. She lives alone. I should write up that project one of these days as it is super simple and reliable.