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By Jan Kučera
#66021 Hello,
I want to create a WiFi controlled light switch with NodeMCU and a relay board. But the problem is, that NodeMCU usualy takes +- 90mA, so a battery is probably not a good choice. Is there any way to connect the NodeMCU to the power? (It is light on the ceiling - no sockets there) I thought of cutting the wires and connecting my old USB charger. Have someone tried it? Will it be legal in EU?

Thanks for all replies :)
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By rudy
Will it be legal in EU?

I don't know what the laws are there. But I do no that the installation would never pass an electrical inspection. Does that mean it could not be done safely? No, it can be done safely but I don't know your capabilities and what you want to use to do it.

I don't have any issues as far as doing this kind of this. But I design this stuff for a living. :D

While it still wouldn't make you installation meet code requirements I think the safest thing for you to do is to buy an already made product, such as something like this. ... 86013.html

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By taikapanu
#66111 That sonof looks nice!

And in general to installations. I wouldnt mess up the house wirings. If you rewire your own lamps that you would take with you anyway when moving, I would say it is OK. As long as you know what you are doing. 230 VAC is dangerous to play with.
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By trackerj
#66123 I've done a while ago, even before sonoff and other variants existed, my own MAINS Switch version for some specific appplications:

It has a proper rated OMRON 16A Latch Relay and yes, it takes care of the safety rules and regulations, it has MOV and FUSE, proper creepage and clearance distances, etc, etc.
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