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By TerryE
fsankar wrote:Where did conn come from? sorry I am new to the software. what is conn . where can I find how to use it?

See my link below and explore the official project documentation. The net.createServer() call returns a server object. It's listen method uses a callback to pass the new connection to the application. This callback takes a single input argument -- the connection object. This is all explain in the API documentation.
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By marcelstoer
#67364 a) That's a bad example for various reasons. That fact that this appears on makes that even worse (the site is from the NodeMCU creators who don't maintain it anymore). An updated site is in the making. For a better example have a look at our official documentation ... socketsend or Wikipedia
b) 0.9.2 build 20141212 is ancient. I strongly advise to build a recent version before you take any further steps with NodeMCU: