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By Lisergio
#67261 Hi!
I make a PIR sensor for my HomeKit server,... when conect he circuit to my iPhone charger ( using a 3,3v regulator) te circuit works fine, but when i use a 3,3v switching power supply like this: ... SwzgBY030a
the PIR sensor fail, and send detection everytime...
I put a capacitor ni the power out, but dont work.
How can I solve this problem?
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By schufti
#67403 your problem most likely is the missing minimal load for good regulation.
Try adding a 100Ohm resistor from +3.3V to gnd, add a 100n capacitor between +3.3V and gnd at the pir sensor.
If there are still problems, it might be interference from converter to pir-sensor.
Then try shielding the converter.