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By m.maazi
#66420 I attached my complete code to this post.
In page "p2_swconfig.h" every submit fails.
I used this method & modified it to fit my purpose.
Thanks again.
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By m.maazi
#66566 I think that I found the problem but can't find any solution.
My arguments on post submit are being stored in a string variable and when that variable exceeds the limit of my ram, the module resets.
Any suggestion on how to solve this problem?
Can I use progmem space?
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By AgroMe
#68234 I am not entirely sure but I think there is only about 50K available RAM which for a MCU should be enough for most applications involving ESP8266. If you are posting large amounts of string data, perhaps ESP is not the right choice for your application. You could still use HTTP but think of a more compact message such a modbus in hex chars is not too bad or content-type octet stream and send binary data.