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By Thomas Jakober
#68247 I made a communication system using websockets. I communicate from nodemcu devices with a Websocket-Server ("ws" from NPM). It works altough i get sporadic a close event with reason -99 on the nodes. I can reconnect after this and it will continue afterwards. On the Websocket server, I found that there are missing pong answers after a ping which is the server sending every 30 second. Because the pong responses are not under control on NodeMCU and automatically generated, i cannot say whether they are sent or not. I see only at the server protocol that there is a timeout.

What is the real condition on the -99 reason code, the manual says only "something bad happened" this is not very helpful. Does somebody knows the websocket module somewhat deeper?

btw, I am using Lua 5.1.4 on SDK 2.1.0(116b762) on a Wemos D1 mini clone and ESP-01 modules

All the best, Thomas