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By nkanderson
#68271 I'm using Adafruit's Huzzah ESP8266 breakout board (overview & pinouts), and I'd like to take input from a Radioshack piezo on the analog input pin without frying it. (Piezo datasheet, for reference.)

I've found a few people with a similar setup using an Arduino, and it seems like at a minimum I'd need something like a zener diode and 1M resistor, like in the basic circuit from this PDF (page 12). The analog pin on the Huzzah has a 1V max voltage, so my sense is that I've got to make some adjustments to divide down the voltage further, maybe include a capacitor? I'm very much an EE noob, so any advice on including & calculating the proper values for components is appreciated.

The end goal is to take input from the piezo and use it to set hue + brightness of an RGB LED, similar to the Adafruit LED ampli-tie project, but obviously with just a single LED. I can provide more details on that if it's relevant to getting up and running with the piezo input.