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By Monkey Ng
#68897 My project need to connect IR receiver & sender, 315MHz & 433MHz receiver, ext eeprom and a tft touch screen, but after I connect the screen, only 3 pin left, any idea? thank!

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#68914 You can use a I2C 8-bit IO expander IC to control your CS, D/C and maybe T_IRQ signals. It may also be used for the IR receiver (depending on the datarate) and IR sender (if your sender actually generates the 38kHz carrier itself). Your eeprom may also use I2C so it will share the I2C bus with the port expander.
However, since you haven't mentioned how your IR and RF modules are controlled and used, we cannot really help any better...
It is also important to know if modules are used concurrent and how frequent...
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By QuickFix
#68920 Or step up to an ESP-32, which will give you more GPIO's, Bluetooth, dual core, 240MHz, etc... :idea: