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By John Ded
#68995 Hi everyone :D

I'm new here, and I don't know how this goes; if I had posted correctly this on the forum, if this it's posted already (I had searched it but I don't find the answer to my question) or if it's something else that I'm doing wrong; please forgive me. :oops:

After explaining that I'm new here, my question:

How I could connect an antenna to the ESP8266 PHAT for adding more range to the ESP8266 module? :?:

PD: I add a link to the ESP8266 PHAT product:

Thanks for all :D
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By QuickFix
#69062 Short answer: not.

If-you-really-want-to answer: remove the ESP-12 from the board, replace it with an ESP-07 and connect an external antenna (don't forget to remove the 0 Ohm resistor to the on board ceramic antenna). :idea:

Read this older thread for more information. :idea: