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By gelfling6
#69382 Guess that's the price we pay, looking for the cheaper of the two.. Should've looked for the one with the switch, instead, bought the generic. :? Already eyeing plenty of space behind the regulator and SMT pieces, with a nice big ground-plane to hot-glue a jumper, mount a momentary contact switch along side the 2X4 plug for reset, running jumpers down to the pins for the -01. PLENTY of parts for those, from old scavenge projects.
BTW, Has anyone ever found the schematic for the cheapie programmer? I'd venture guess one has to exist, since the device design is out in the public domain?
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By gelfling6
#69392 And Finished! roughly about 2 hours of careful micro-surgery & soldering, but I've converted mine into a full-functioning programmer!
A little blurry, But the finished project before gooping it!

super simple, a few parts (momentary contact pushbutton, 2x 10K resistors for pull-up, A jumper header, shorting chip, and a thin piece of wire..
parts, and clearer picture after gooping

the schematic is fairly simple, here a physical parts and schematic.
physical parts, hand-drawn
rebuild2.jpg (15.81 KiB) Viewed 6968 times
schematic with parts borrowed from Fritzing
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By pmj
#73809 Hi, I have the very same programmer, just got it from eBay.

I've been looking for more information on the schematic or pinout for the 2x4 connector. Mine just came in a bag with no information.

Happy to have found your post on how to connect the "Flash" switch, but I still need to know what the other pins in the connector are.

Would you be so kind, if you have the info, to provide it to me.

Thank you.