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By Luhan
#69951 Yes, using the a stock 'AT' version of the 8266 device requires no programming.

There are lots of people who can do HTML -- and few who know PIC, Arduino, or whatever you do to program the 8266 unit.

Although this design requires producing a PIC based project, no PIC programming is required. Just the ability to put the provided object code into the PIC.

Once that is done, anyone with HTML skills can load the device and control it remotely using any standard browser.

This is obvious overkill for simple projects. It is designed for remotely controlling very large complex systems (that use serial data as inputs). That is why HTML is used in routers, switches, and modems. And you automatically get a really nice user interface.

From the reactions I have gotten from people so far, this is either a very cool, original idea, or a really bad one.
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By QuickFix
Luhan wrote:this is either a very cool, original idea, or a really bad one.

Or maybe it's a very cool idea, while nobody realizes its coolness (yet).

Would you have guessed, in the 1980's, 80% of the western civilization now can't leave home without their mobile phone?

But if you'ld ask me, and I'm biased since I already put down my opinion in that other thread, it's just a really bad idea (or at least an idea not very well thought of, in it's implementation).