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By Andre Le
#70703 Hello! I want to control 3 stepper motors and read 1 or 2 analog inputs. I'm very new to ESP8266 so I don't know that whether ESP8266 can be used to send data from Arduino/STM boards to a web server in real-time or not (I don't want to refresh the web-page).

If yes, could you show me the ways so I can start digging in these keywords?

I am currently having one Arduino Mega 2560, one STM32F407 Discovery, one NodeMCU module. I can turn on LEDs with NodeMCU but it is too weak for further mechatronic controlling. Do I need to buy an ESP8266 module, or NodeMCU is enough for me to do my task?

Thank you very much! :D
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By QuickFix
#70769 To clear up any possible misconceptions: a NodeMCU is just an ESP8266 with power supply circuitry and USB -> serial convertor on-board. :idea: