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By philbowles
#71753 I'm sure I have seen queries on this topic in this forum so I decided to write a "howto" on my blog, showing not only the code (there isn't much) but also how to set up the server, produce and manage the binaries to be uploaded.

In my own system, I currently have 8x ESP-01S, 6x Wemos D1, 4x Sonoff Basic 12x Sonoff S20, 2x Sonoff SV and a NodeMCU - 33 devices in all to update when I make a code change.

They all have a common code base and either a 1M or 4M SPIFFS binary. Doing it 33 times with 6 different hardware types would be not only error-prone and time-consuming but maddening :twisted:

Doing it the "server" way "just works". I copy the binaries to my server, and wait....job done
My system uses NODE-RED, but Apache / PHP ...<whatever> will also work of course as long as the logic is the same.

Hope it helps someone: