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By Chr37
#71645 Hi,

I'm trying to make a wifi controlled led strip dimmer based around a Wemos D1 mini. I've already build the dimmer electronics and got the MQTT communication to OpenHab working. But now I am trying to also make the leds controlled by a capacitive touch button.

But here is the problem: The MQTT library of adafruit requires a 5 second loop where it checks for incoming messages. But whilst checking, it cannot check the capacitive touch button. So to turn off the leds, I sometimes have to touch te button for 5 seconds before they turn off...

Does anyone know of a solution for this problem?

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By philbowles
#71734 The long answer requires looking at libraries that run "asynchronously" and callback your code when events happen - then you can do "more than one thing at a time" - it's a big topic though...