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By Badwoef
#71840 I hope someone can help.
I am using an ESP-11, installed the lates basic interp. The problem is: 1. When I edit a file it only appends it to the first one. Thus the file only gets bigger and bigger and and no changes I make, actually makes a difference as a copy of the program gets append.
2: I cannot delete files from the memory. Just nothing happens.

Re-flashed the chip, same problem exist. Tried different modules, same problem.

Please I hope someone can help as this is very frustrating.
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By Electroguard
#71867 It sounds like the SPIFFS file system may be corrupted.
Run the flasher as administrator and re-FORMAT, then flash the firmware.
If problems still persist it may be worth trying to flash a completely different firmware on top of it first, then try reformatting and reflashing.

Edit - I didn't previously notice your mention of trying different modules... and I don't have any experience of those, but if you are getting similar symptoms with them all, then perhaps they have less memory than you are formatting them for, which would effectively be the equivalent of corrupting spiffs on them all.