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By vitocodeath
#71843 Hello!

I'm trying to connect 2 nodemcu using I2C communication but it doesn't work, nothing appears in Serial monitor and I can't find anything about that on the web
Also i'm tryng to connect a Node to the web to put information taken from the others Nodes

The proyect consists in a Nodemcu1 in STA MODE measuring an Analog value and sending Voltage and current information to the Nodemcu2 in AP MODE. The Nodemcu2 measures values and stores them, then sends them via I2C to Nodemcu3, and Nodemcu3 sends the information to the web.

Can I connect 2 nodemcu using I2C? How can I achieve the complete connection and programmation?
Somebody can help me?

PD: I'm programming on the Arduino IDE
PD2: Sorry for my poor english